Apr. 9

7:00am Breakfast : a glass of smoothie, one fried egg, pita bread, some crackers, 2 cups of coffee
12:30pm Lunch : Chiken nuget, chips, bread
5:00pm a glass of red wine
6:30pm Dinner : Lasagna, Cabbage salad, beer 350 ml x 1
7:00pm-10:00pm 2 glasses of red wine, beer 350 ml x 1, chips
Anytime water 16 oz

I was going to make non-meat lasagna, but J wanted meat in it. So I made lasagna which has 20% meat and 80% beans. I can't believe that we had beef for 2 straight days. As I mentioned yesterday, it is very rare for us even to have beef at home. Is this how it goes that our food style is changing? I will try to have more beans if I wanna have beef.

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