Cervejaria Braugarten

Braugarten looked like a German pub, they had some kinds of imported beer. The food is good. One plate is big enough to share for 2 people. Sortido do Cervejeiro was too big for 2 of us and we took leftovers to go. There's only one dissapointment for me. The price of beer..... the 355ml bottle of Bohemia was about R$6. I can have the 6ooml bottle of Bohemia with almost same price at a pub or a lanchonete. Well, I shouldn't compare the price between a restaurante and a lanchonete.
Forget about the beer, I will come over when I am hungry for pork.

Beer : Oettinger Hefeweizen (wheat beer) & Therezopolis

Onion ring

Sortido do Cervejeiro
Cervejaria Braugarten
Av. Giovanni Gronchi, 5819 -Shopping Jardim Sul-

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