May 19

5:40am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, Bean Rice, Daikon no Miso-shiru(miso soup), a cup of coffee
12:20pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Beans Rice & Iri-Doufu(scrambled tofu)
6:30pm chocolate wafers
8:15pm Dinner : Bean rice Onigiri(rice ball), Iri-Doufu, Ingen no Goma-ae(boiled greanbeans), Daikon no Miso-shiru
9:15pm-10:00pm vodka shot x 1, a glass of red wine
Bento Box

My camera is going to die. It is not that old though. The picture doesn't look good, but the meal was tasty. The meal looked vegan, but I used one egg for scrambled tofu. We had beans too with rice. There's enough protein from the tofu and beans.

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