May 15

8:30am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a piece of toast and one fried egg, a cup of caramel te
11:30am a cup of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : Friench Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Beer, Caipiroska com maracuja
7:00pm Cafe Latte with soy milk at starbuks
8:00pm Dinner : Bread, Antipasto, Carpaccio, Lasagna, Red Wine, Beer at La Pasta & Formaggio
9:30pm-10:30pm beer

Dinner : Lasagna

I liked the way I spent the day today. I did household tasks and went to the gym in the morning. I had lunch with J and went to the grocery store after lunch. We went out in the evening and ate out for dinner. It is kind of a perfect holiday for me. Sounds boring? hehehe. That's me.

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