May 30

8:00am Breakfast : Wakame Ume Udon, 2 cups of coffee

2:00pmLunch : Grilled Pacific herring
4:30pm a glass of red wine, vodka shot
5:45pm Dinner : Yakisoba, Grilled Pacific herring, Grilled squid, beer
6:40pm-8:00pm 2 glasses of red wine


I got food at work and brought them home for dinner. Because I had known that J was hungry for seafood and I though it was a good chance to have pacific herring here. You know grilled fish sometimes smells. That embarassed me when I was on my way home. Whoever sat close to me on the bus, they looked around to see where that smell was from. I felt so bad to bother other passengers, so I got off the bus early. Sorry people. Thanks to your patience, we enjoyed dinner!

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