May 14

5:40am Breakfast : Egg and Zucchini donburi, a glass of soy milk, a glass of fruit juice
9:00am a cup of coffee
12:15pm Lunch : Bento box : Grilled chicken and Zucchini on the rice
8:00pm Dinner : Chicken Sandwich and beer
8:30pm-vodka shot x 1, beer x 2

Bento box


I ate lots this morning. Some people can't eat a big meal in the morning, but I can. I eat small in the morning usually, that's because I don't have time to make a big breakfast. And I found something. When I had a big breakfast, I get hungry before lunch time. But when I have a small breakfast or skip it, I don't get hungty that much. Does it happen the same to you?

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