May 23

7:30am Breakfast : a piece of pizza(leftovers), 2 cups of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : Shrimp Pilaf, beer (I did exercise before lunch!)
5:00pm vodka shot x 1
6:15pm Dinner : Chirashizushi(rice with vegetables and vinegar), Ika to Daikon no Nimono(cooked radish and squid), Daikonba to Wakame no Miso-shiru(miso soup) , a glass of red wine
8:00pm beer

I didn't publish my blog yesterday, but we ordered a pizza for dinner. I had leftovers for breakfast this morning. I don't have time to cook during a week, so I wanna make something good on weenend. Tonight's dinner was not that special, but I liked it. I just received a package from my mom in Japan. She sent me some Japanese food and I used some of them tonight. Thanks, Mom.

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