May 16

7:30am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a piece of toast and one fried egg, a cup of coffee
11:30am Lunch : Soba(japanese noodle), Gyoza(dumpling), Coke at Soba Matsuri of Iwate Prefecture
1:30pm beer
5:00pm-6:30pm vodka shot x 1, beer x 1, a glass of red wine
6:30pm Dinner : Grilled Salmon with shredded Daikon radish, Isomushi Tamanegi(Onion and seaweeds), P-man Okaka Ae(Green pepper stirfry), rice, Daikon-Ba Frikake(daikon radish's leaves)
8:30pm-10:00pm beer x 2, a glass of red wine


I went to Soba Matsuri (noodle festival) on business and had lunch there. It was really tasty. I was glad that I enjoyed soba noodle in Brazil. Oh, you found that? Yes, I had a beer while I was working. That is a part of the job.....right?

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