Did you buy a head of cabbage and are you at loss to use it up? Are there many pieces of various vegetables in the fridge? Try Pot-au-feu. You can cook and clear leftovers of vegetable in the fridge up at same time. It is easy. Add some whole-grain mustard if you like. It would look gorgeous!

Ingredients : serve 2 - 3
4 - 6 chicken drum sticks or wings
1/2 cabbage - cut half
1 middium carrot - cut into 4 - 6
2 middium potato - cut in to 4 - 6
1 chiken buillon
1 bay leaf
salt & grained black pepper

Preparations :
1. Put all ingredients in the pot
2. Pour water over them till they are just barely covered
3. Put the pot on high heat untill boiling
4. Turn to low heat and cook more than 30 minutes
Note :
The ingredient is simple on this recipe. As I mentioned, you can add any vegetables. I like celery for this recipe.

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