Hocca bar

We went to mercado municipal. It is a central market and a popular place not only for tourists but also for local people. There are many stores of fish, fruits and e.t.c on the first floor and a food court on the second floor. We had lunch at Hocca bar which is popular as bacalhau pastel and sandwiches. Bacalhau is preserved codfish in salt. It was first time for me to try bacalhau. It was not bad but I was not fond of it. And the sandwich is............... is it really a sandwich? It was huge. I felt like I was eating just ham. The bread was just like to keep my fingers clean. I don't usually eat ham so often. I think I ate as much ham as I have eaten in a year. Did I say something similar last night too?

Pastel de Bacalhau

Bellissima(ham, cheese, tomato)


Hocca Bar

Rua da Cantareira, no 306 - Parque Dome Pedro Ⅱ(Mercado Municipal)http://www.hoccabar.com.br/historia.htm

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