Mar. 9

6:45am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie, Chirashizushi(leftovers), a cup of coffee
11:30am Lunch : Pastel(pizza)
6:30pm Dinner : Takikomi sake gohan(cooked rice and salmon), Nasu no Nibitashi(cooked eggplant), Negi Dashimaki Tamago(Japanese omlet with green onion), Cabbage with karashi shoyu sauce
7:20pm a glass of soy milk
Anytime water 40 oz


I go to a feira(market) every Tuesday. I had a pastel this week too and I decided to have a pastel at the feira for lunch every week. Now Tuesday is my second most favorite day. While I eat a pastel at the stand, I think what flavor I will have next week. I picked pizza flavor today and it was better than I expected. It had olives, fresh tomato and cheese in it. Yummy.

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