Mar. 1

6:40am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie, a piece of grilled chicken, a cup of coffee
10:15am a cup of camomile tea, crackers
11:00am Lunch : salad, brown rice, chicken, beef, carrot soup, grapes
4:30pm a glass of cafe au leit
6:00pm Dinner : ginger soup, cooked cucumber(from vege dining's recipe), norinori rice
9:30pm a glass of milk, cheese
Anytime water 24 oz

It has been chilly since yesterday. The weather in Sao Paulo is unpredictable. Last week I had trouble to fall asleep because it was too hot. But last night I needed a blanket and I will tonight too. When I got home this evening, I felt cold and decided to make ginger soup. J might be disappointed at dinner, because I told him that I would make grilled salmon which is his favorite this morning. Don't be sad, J. You will have a salmon tomorrow for sure.

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