Mar. 10

6:45am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie, one boiled egg, a cup of coffee
11:00am Lunch : salad, vegetable and beef stir-fry, pasta with meat sauce, pudding, water melon
2:00pm pudding, a cup of coffee
4:30pm a glass of cafe au leit
6:20pm Dinner : Salmon fried rice, Vegetable and egg stir-fry, Fried eggplant, Cucumber with karshi shoyu, a glass of water
Anytime water 24 oz
Boiled eggs
I bought 2 different kinds of egg. The egg shell had a different color but the size and price was the same. To find the difference, I boiled each egg and compared. Inside looked the same and the taste was also the same for me. It was a boring exam. I liked it though.

Did dinner look big? This is kind of cheating. I had more plates than usual to hide not having enough animal protein. There are only eggs in the stir-fry and salmon in the fried rice. The eggplant was pretty good. It was a little bit oily. I will remake and change some ingredients, and if it works well, I will put a recipe here.

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