Mar. 23

6:50am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of milk, one banana, 2 cups of coffee
12:30pm Lunch : Takikomi Gohan, Gomoku Mame(cooked beans with vegetables), Endou no Goma ae(boiled green beans with sesami seeds), boiled pumpkin, a glass of orange juice
2:00pm coconuts cake, brownie, a cup of tea
6:30pm Dinner : Takikomi Gohan, Gomoku Mame, Endou no Goma ae, a glass of water
8:30pm a glass of red wine
Anytime water 24 oz
I visited my friend and brought food for lunch. The leftover was dinner. That's why I ate the same food. I don't care to eat same meal twice in a day. Which do you prefer between cooking again and eating same food? I cooked a piece of salmon for hungry J.

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