Mar. 2

6:30am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie, black beans soup, a cup of coffee
10:30am Pastel(cheese)
1:00pm banana
4:00pm papaya
6:30pm Dinner : Salmon nanbanzuke(fried salmon with marinated vegetables), kabocha no nimono(cooked pumpkin), norinori fried rice, ginger soup
7:30pm a glass of milk
Anytime water 24 oz

I had a pastel at the feira(market) at 10:30am. It was too heavy as a snack in the morning and too early for lunch. I had a small banana this afternoon and I thought I would be fine untill dinner time. What was I thinking? No way! I was already hungry at 3pm. After struggling for 1 hour, I had some pieces of papaya and my excuse was "I have to cut some fruits for tomorrow's smoothie".

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