Mar. 5

6:45am Breakfast : a glass of smoothie, curry and rice, 2 cups of coffee
11:15am Lunch : Karaage teishoku(fried chicken and rice set), agua com gas at Yakisoba house
4:30pm-6:30pm beer 350 ml x 1, 2 glass of red wine
7:00pm Dinner : chicken breast and avocado with wasabi soy sauce, cheese & crackers, sardin and vegetables tamato sauce, a glass of red wine
7:30pm Dessert : a glass of white wine, cake and ice cream
9:00pm vocka shot x 1, beer 350 ml x 1, chips 45 g
Anytime water 16 oz


I was not energetic at all today. I didn't even want to make lunch. So I went to Yakisoba house. I ordered Fried chicken. It was huge, but it was no problem for me to finish it. The lady who was working here brought me a doggy bag, but I had already eaten. She was surprised how hungry I was. The fried chicken was really good. It was not like American fried chiken. It was Japanese fried chiken, Karaage. I will order some for someday's dinner at home.
For dinner, I was going to grill beef, but I changed my mind. I could say I was just too lazy to go to a grocery store. It doesn't matter what I cook, it is Friday! I enjoy drinking! The bus was not crowded, but I was thirsty for beer when I got home. My body must have known it was Friday. I had a drink while I was cooking. Weekends rock!

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