Sanma Kabayaki Donburi

It was shockingly good. It is teriyaki fish from a can and onion on the rice in a bowl. I had been thinking how to use this can of fish, which was sent from my mom in Japan. I don't eat food from a can that much, except a can of tuna. I made this meal as a trial. It was way better than I expected. It is nothing special, but I am publishing this to remind me. I have to ask my mom to send more of those cans!

Ingredients : serves 2
1 can of Sanma Kabayaki(Teriyaki Pacific Saury)
1 middium onion - slice it thin
1 sheet nori(laver)
a little shichimi(Japanese seasoning ; 7 kinds chilli peppers)
1 tbs cooking sake
1 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs suger
1 tsp dashi(fish broth) powder
1/3 cup water

Preparation :
1. Put all ingredients, except nori and shichimi, in the pot and mix.
2. Put the lid on the pot and cook on low heat
3. When the onion gets tender, add the fish. It is to make the fish warmer and you don't need to stir.
4. Serve rice in a bowl and put ripped nori on the rice.
5. Put onion and fish on #4 and sprinkle shichimi on it.

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