Bnaneira has a popular lunch on Saturday. Here, in Sao Paulo, people eat traditional Brazilian food, rice and beans, on Saturday afternoon. The restaurants get crowded around 2pm - 3pm usually. We had dinner here today. Once we take a menu, an appetizer is brought. It is called "Convert" and costs about US$5 for each person. The price depends on the restaurant and you can see the price on the menu. If you don't want it, you can say "No" and you don't need to pay for it, of course. We usually don't take a convert, but it had pao de queijo and it cost less than US$5 per one person and we took it. I would like to try lunch here next time.

Convert(pao de queijo, kashew, butter, dip)

We already had some bread. There was more than the pictore above.

Cuscuz Paulista It was small and I thought I picked the wrong one to satisfy my stomach. Couscous was hidding under the shrimp. There's not a lot but it's good enough. Couscous tasted like coconuts and it was tasty.

BorogodoIt was a little bit greasy for me, but I will be hungry for this plate again. Fried rice had some kind of beans and the red cute guy is pimenta bequinho. I don't know what it is called in English and also don't have it in Japan. It was new for both J and me. It tastes sour and spicy at same time. Stir fry had shredded beef jerky and some vegetables. It tasted like .............. beef jerky! It was good.
Rua Mal. Hastimphilo de Moura 417

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