Feb. 22

6:40am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of orange juice, one boiled egg, a cup of coffee
9:30am a cup of camomile tea
11:00am Lunch : salad, grilled chicken with cheese, melon, a glass of water
12:00pm crackers
4:30pm a glass of cafe au leit
6:30pm Dinner : black beans rice, ingen goma ae(boiled grean beans with sesami seeds), Kiriboshi daikon no Nimono(cooked dried radish), Miso-shiru(miso-soup), Daikon to shoga no Amakara Soboro(cooked diced radish and ginger)
9:00pm a glass of milk
Anytime water 24 oz


I made something good for rice. It's easy to make and tasty. The original recipe is this from my favorite blog. The ginger keeps me warm. Unfortunately, it started raining hard at dinner time and we had to close the window. It is summer here and we don't have an air conditioner. It was hot and hummid. I hope the ginger and the steamy room get rid of a cold I have had for a week.

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