Feb. 28

8:00am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, ramen, 2 cups of coffee
10:00am a glass of smoothie(orange, banana, papaya, wheat germ, water)
1:00pm Lunch : Sanma Kabayaki Don, a glass of water
4:30pm a glass of white wine
5:30pm Dinner : grilled mashed pumpkin, grilled chinese cabbage with balsamic sauce(from vege dining's recipe), pita bread with hummus, cheese and crackers, a glass of red wine
7:30pm-9:30pm a glass of red wine, beer 350 ml x 1, martini, popcorn
Anytime water 24 oz


Dinner was not colorful. Hummus is salmon pink, the sauce for the pumpkin is also the same color. I would like to have a beautiful color combination. If I had a leaf of lettus it would have looked better. It was a good anyway. I will use something green for tomorrow's dinner.

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