Feb. 16

8:00am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smootie(orange, banana, pinapple, yogurt, wheat germ), 2 cups of coffee
11:40am Lunch : fried rice, a glass of water
5:00pm wisky shot x 1
6:30pm Dinner : pizza, cheese and cracker, 2 glasses of red wine
7:30pm Haagen-Dazs cookies'n cream ice cream(my favorite flavor)
8:00pm-10:00pm a glass of red wine, beer 350 ml x 2
Anytime water 24 oz



ice cream
We were going to eat out tonight, but we changed our mind and put frozen pizza in the oven. It costs only about US$4. It was good. Last week we spent about US$25 for delivery pizza. All right, we shouldn't think about it. I have had a sore throat since yesterday and J bought me ice cream. Thanks, J.


  1. You crack me up!!!! Haagen Dazs is more expensive than beer? Seriously????? What kind of beer are you drinking :-) Sorry you have a sore throat--- but I'm sure the ice cream will make it feel so much better. I'm making chicken stir-fry for dinner (yum!)

  2. We drink Bohemia.I checked the price of the ice cream in Japan. It was expensive but beer was more expensive. I have beer more often than ice cream. so I am happy with this.