Feb. 1

6:15am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smootie(orange, banana, apple, wheat germ, yogurt), chick peas, a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : Salad with Italian dressing, 2 small pieces of beef, water melon, a glass of water
3:30pm banana, a cup of coffee
4:30pm a cup of coffee, roasted chick peas
6:30pm Dinner : Kabocha no Nimono(cooked pumkin), Isomushi Tamanegi(steamed onion), Daikonba miso-shiru(Japanese radish leaves miso soup), Azuki gohan(rice with black beans)
9:45pm a glass of milk
Anytime water 32 oz


The picture of dinner is H's. H had a piece of fish. It still looks healthy. I didn't drink today. Am I sick? kinda.... I weighed myself on the scale and I felt sick. I know I ate and drank too much last weekend.

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