Feb. 23

6:40am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie(orange, papaya, apple, banana, wheat germ, yogurt), one boiled egg, 2 cups of coffee
10:00am one pastel(beef and cheese)
1:00pm Lunch : leftovers(black beans rice, kiriboshi daiko), a glass of water
3:00pm ice cream
4:00pm some pieces of bread
7:00pm Dinner : fried panko crusted sardine, beans salad, bread, cheese & crackers
9:00pm beer 350 ml x 1
Anytime water 56 oz


DinnerI felt lazy today and didn't wanna do anything. In hard(just lazy) times like today, I have things to do. Not tomorrow. It should be done today. So I gave myself a treat. I bought me a pastel at the feira(market) after buying groceries, ice cream after walking to a post office in the hot afternoon and bread after .... I was just hungry. I have had a cold and eating is good to recover from cold, right?

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