Onion pot soup

Onion soup tastes good, but it takes an unbelievably lont time to cook onion until they're brown. So do you give up and are you going to open the can of soup? Give me just 15 min. My onion soup is very easy. Here's my recipe and I arranged it and made Onion pot soup.

Ingredients : serves 2

1 small onion : slice thin and freeze
olive oil
2 cups water
1 cube chicken bouillon
your favorite cheese(I use provalone)
pie sheet

Preparation :

1. Fry frozen onion with olive oil in the pot
2. As onion gets brown, it takes about 10 min., add water and chicken bouillon
3. Cook for 5 min. - Onion soup is ready to serve!
4. Pour onion soup in the remekins and cool it off
5. Pre-heat oven 220 C
6. Put a slice of cheese on the soup and cover the pie sheet on the remekins
7. Make the pie sheet crusty in the oven

Note : The most important part of this recipe is to use frozen onions. If you use fresh onions, it takes you a long time to cook.

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