Feb. 3

6:30am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smootie(orange, banana, mango, yogurt, wheat germ)
10:30am a cup of coffee
11:00am Lunch : pasta with meat sauce, salad with Italian dressing, a glass of water, a slice of papaya, 2 pieces of cake
7:00pm Dinner : fried shrimp & cheese on the sticks, french fries with spinach cream sauce at food court
9:15pm - 12:00pm beer 350 ml x 4, rum shot x 2, rice cracker, chocolate
Anytime water 24 oz

I had dinner at food court. Food court in Sao Paulo is pretty popular. Sometimes it is dificut to find a table at lunch and dinner time. There's no pictures today because I forgot to take a camera with me. I feel I ate too much. I will be sick after weighing myself tomorrow. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Don't think about it now. I am thirsty!

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