Feb. 6

7:45am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, leftovers(fish, zucchini, pumpkin), one small banana, a cup of coffee
1:30pm Lunch : hamburger, beer 350 ml x 1
4:00pm beer 350ml x 1
5:40pm rum shot x 1
6:30pm a glass of smoothie(mango,Align Left banana, yogurt, protin powder)
7:30pm Dinner : 2 pieces of pizza, a bottle of beer 355ml x 1, a glass of red wine
Anytime water 48 oz



Hamburger for lunch and pizza for dinner? It is very American. I had an activity outside during the day and had free hamburger and beer. For dinner, we ordered pizza. However my Portugues is not good enought, so I walked to the restaurant and asked them to deliver. The pizza restaurant is very close to my apartment. Just after 5 minutes I got home, the pizza was delivered. Pizza is pretty popular here. I like Brazilian pizza, which has tons of cheese. The pizza cost about US$25. Do you think it is expensive? That much cheese and peparoni considered, it's ok. Well, I am from Japan, where everything is expensive.

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