Feb. 24

6:30am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of orange juice, beans salad(leftovers), cereal with milk, one small banana, one cup of coffee
11:00am Lunch : salad, pasta with cream and tomato sauce, beef, jelly
2:30pm pineapple
4:30pm a glass of ice coffee, crackers
6:30pm Dinner : Black beans rice, steamed Sawara(Japanese Spanish Mackerel), Cooked Chinese cabbage, marinated carrots and wakame(seaweeds), kabocha no miso-shiru(pumpkin miso-soup)
9:00pm a glass of red wine
Anytime water 40 oz


I have eaten too much since yesterday. I had an excuse yesterday. Today I ate just because I wanted to eat. My throat still feels uncomfotable, but it is time to work out. I feel that my stmach is heavy.

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