Kebab Salonu

Kebab Salonu was introduced as a good restaurant in a popular magazine a few days ago. The atomosphere was nice and clean. It looked like a cafe. Beer was served with a very cold glass. That's nice. Food was ok. We prefered falafel of Almanara which is a chane restaurant. We liked the salad.

Kibes de Cordeiro Recheados e Fritos and Falafel
Shish de Cordeoro

Tunisiana de Couscous , Tomates, Azeitonas, Ervas, Azeite de limao

Food : Salad(Tunisiana de Couscous, Tomates, Azeitonas, Ervas, Azeite de limao), Kibes(Kibes de Cordeiro Recheados e Fritos), Falafel, Kebabs Enrolado(Shish de Cordeoro)
Drink : a bottle of beer
Kebab Salonu
Rua Augusta 1416

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