Jan. 31

7:00am a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
8:30am Breakfast : ramen, a cup of coffee
11:00am a glass of smoothie(orange, banana, wheat germ, yogurt)
12:15pm Lunch : Black beans soup, a glass of milk
1:30pm a cup of camomile tea (at Vanilla cafe)
3:00pm a glass of ice chocolate (at Vanilla cafe)
5:00pm Beer 350 ml, a glass of red wine
6:30pm Dinner : Grilled chicken and vegetables, salad, onion pot soup, a glass of red wine
7:00pm - 10:00pm Beer 350 ml x 1, a glass of red wine, Martini x 1, rum shot x 3, roasted chick peas
Anytime water 40 oz


Ramen again? Yes, ramen again. We love ramen. Actually, ramen is our standard menu for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday.

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