Dinner at Almanara

We went to Almanera at Jardim sul,which is a chain Arabic restaurant. Almanara is usually located in the corner of the food court at shopping mall. It looks pretty nice as a restaurant at
food court. If once you go into the restaurant, you might forget being at food court. It sometimes happen to see some kids eating a hamburger next table. It seems that restaurant allow to bring food for kids if parents order their meal.
We ordered falafel and stuffed zucchini. Stuffed zucchini! I really like it. It has ground beef and rice in it. Zucchini is juicy and tender. I like this restaurant not only because of food, also they serve quite quick. Yeah, then it reminds me where we are, food court.
Almanara, Jurdim sul
Av. Giovanni Gronchi, 5819

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