Jan. 28

Breakfast : a glass of milk, a glass of orange juice, Nanbanzuke(leftovers), yogurt, 2 cups of cofee

Lunch : Tamago Donburi(cooked egg on rice in the bowl), a glass of water

Dinner : Spicy miso stirfry(Chinese cabbage, carrot, onion, red hot chilli pepper), Fried rice(egg, okra, cashew), Isotama soup(laver and onion soup)

Alcohol : 3 glasses of red wine

Other : water 24 oz, chocolate x 2

I drank milk this morning as I had run out of soy milk. Just after drinking milk, I realized it was for H's cereal. He had cereal with yogurt. Sorry, buddy. I went to the grocery store and bought both milk and soy milk. H will have 2 choice tomorrow morning.

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