Jan. 15

Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie (plum, orange, mango, wheat germ, yogurt), Roasted chick peas, one plum, a cup of coffee

Lunch : Nori Chazuke (poured hot water over cooked rice and korean seaweed)

Dinner : at Almanara

Alcohol : Beer 350 ml x 1, Martini x 1, Whisky shot x 2

Other : Water 10 oz, a bottle of water with gas (500 ml?), 9 mini pao de queijo, a cup of espresso, 2 bites of hamburger

9 pao de queijo? At a cafe, I thought I ordered a cup of espresso and ONE mini pao de queijo, but I received 10 pao de queijo......... My friend ate one and I ate rest of them. Believe or not, I am on a diet. At 11pm, H made a hamburger all of the sudden. I had 2 bites of it. It was yummy. Good job, H! But 11pm..................... Am I on a diet? Forget it. BTW H had already had 2 hamburgers for dinner.

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