Lamen Kazu

Shoyu Ramen (Ramen, soy sauce flavor)

Gyoza (dumpling)

We went to Lamen Kazu for lunch on Sunday. It seemed pretty popular. I know 2 ramen restaurants in Liberdade, Lamen Kazu and Lamen Asuka, and both of them are busy most of the time. Personally, I prefer Lamen Kazu. I ordered Shoyu(soy sauce) flavor and H ordered Miso flavor. I liked my ramen, but the soup was a little bit sweet for me. I don't think I will order shoyu flavor next time. Gyoza was also good. I like the gyoza here the best so far in Sao Paulo, although I haven't tried enought other restrant's.
BTW, we usually spell "R"amen, but in Portugues, it is "L"amen. I guess if it spells "ramen", it would pronounce "hamen" or something like that.

Lamen Kazu, Japanese Noodle Bar
R. Thomaz Gonzaga, 51 - Liberdade

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