Chopp(draft beer) and Edamame(soy beans)

Tori soboro don(cooked minced chicken on the rice in a bowl)

Yakitori Negima(grilled chicken and long green onion on the stick)

Tebasaki(grilled chiken wings)

Tsukune(grilled chicken ball)

Tomato & bacon

Oden; Daikon and Konnyaku(cooked Japanese white radish and Konnyaku)

Oden pot

Drink : Chopp(beer about 10 oz?) x 4

Food : Negima x 1, Tebasaki x 2, Tsukune x 1, Tomato & Bacon x 1, Oden(Daikon x 1, Konnyaku x 1), Tori soboro don(small size) x 1
What a simple name! Yakitoriya serves yakitori, that's why it's name is yakitoriya. Would you name "Steak resutaurant" if you open steak restaurant? Anyway, this restaurant is very popular amomng Japanese. It seemed there were all Japanese except H and the staff. There is not only yakitori but also oden, sushi, ramen and other Japanese food. Oden is cooked food with fish broth. We usually order yakitori and oden. These are pretty good. I recommend Tori soboro don, which is cooked minced chicken on white rice. The small size is enough for 2 people.


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