Jan. 10

Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of orange juice, a glass of smootie(orange, banana, kiwi, soy milk), one boiled egg, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : Chicken with cream sauce(left over from chiken pot pie), Cereal with milk, a half of pear, a cup of coffee

Dinner : Sake-no-sioyaki(grilled salmon), Kabocha-no-nimono(cooked pumpkin), Ingen-no-goma ae(boiled green beans with sesami), Dikon no miso shiru(miso soup with daikon radish), gohan(white rice)

Alcohol : Beer 350ml x 3, 3 glasses of red wine, Martini

Other : water 24oz, popcorn

This an ordinary dinner for us; fish, cooked vegetables, miso soup, rice. Sake-no-sioyaki (grilled salmon) is a popular meal for Japanese breakfast. If you are Japanese, you might think "This is not Dinner! This is breakfast!"

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  1. Looks yummy! However, for losing weight, drinking all those liquids will make you feel bloated :-) I haven't had slamon in a while- think I'll make some for dinner this evening.