Yakitori Mizusaka

Isobe yaki (Grilled rice cake)

Sanma no shioyaki (Grilled Saury)

Atsuage(grilled "deep fried tofu")

Drink : 2 bottle of beer ( I had a glass of beer), 2 glass of shochu on the rock

Food : Yakitori(chicken on the stick), Tebasaki(chicken wing), Atsuage, Sanma, Shumai(steamed meat dumpling), Isobeyaki

Yakitori is one of my favorite Japanese food. You can enjoy grilled vegetables and pieces of chiken on the stick. It is usally marinated with soy souce or just salt and pepper. It looks like satey. Once when I went into Yakitori Mizusaka, I felt like I came back to Japan. It was just like Izakaya, which is Japanese pub or bar. Lunch menu looked also nice. I would like to come back for lunch next time.
Yakitori Mizusaka
Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 2367

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