Jan. 16

Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, scrambled egg(onion, tomato), one plum, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : Open sandwich (pita bread, tomato, hummus, parmigiano reggiano), carrot sticks with hummus dip, a glass of milk

Dinner : at Sushi Den

Alcohol : a glass of red wine, wisky shot x 1, a glass(?) of sake, a bottle of beer and a bottle of red wine(shared with H)

Other : water 16 oz, a glass of smoothie(nectarine, cocoa powder, wheat germ, yogurt, soy milk), Cheese(blue cheese, smoked cheese, and other 2 kinds; I don't know), a bag of chips (45 g)

I ate good today, drank lots? Well, it's Saturday. Why not? I should drink water more.

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