Jan. 11

Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smootie(orange, banana, wheat germ, yogurt), one boiled egg, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : Oyako donburi, a glass of water

Dinner : Cabbage and tofu in layers, yaki onigiri(grilled rice ball), sunomono(cucumber and seaweed marinated with vinegar), a glass of water
Alcohol : Martini x 2
Other : a piece of chocolate, water 30oz

Lunch : Oyako donburi (chiken and egg with rice in a bowl)

Oyako means parent and child. You get it now. Donburi is some vegetables, meats or eggs on the pile of white rice served in the bowl like this.
I was going to post the recipe of "cabbage and tofu in layers", but it was not good enough. I will try it again someday soon.

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  1. This meal looks good! Is it easy to make? Eating tofu is very good for you. I wish that Mick liked it, then I would use it more in recipes. :-)