Jan. 27

Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smootie(orange, banana, mango, wheat germ, yogurt), one boiled egg, curry(leftovers of last night), 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : Curry(leftovers of last night) with bread, chocolate

Dinner : Wakasagi no Nanbanzuke(Japanese smelt marinated in vinegar and spice), Kiriboshi daikon(dried Japanese radish), Hakusai no Karashi-shoyu ae(Japanese cabbage marinated karashi masturd and shoyu), Kabocha no misoshiru(pumpkin miso-soup), Okura gohan(okura rice)

Alcohol : 3 glasses of red wine, rum shot x 3

Other : water 40 oz, chocolate x 2, popcorn, rice crackers

This morning, I smelled curry from somewhere, not from my kitchen. I guess the curry I had last night made someone hungry. It happens. And the smell made me hungry for curry again. Is there a multiplication effect? Curry tastes better than the privous day and I enjoyed yesterday's leftovers for lunch.

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