Outback steakhouse

I don't think I need to introduce the Outback steakhouse. Do you have happy hour in your city too? The happy hour here, 6pm - 8pm, is that you can get two drinks for one. I love it! That means if you order one beer, your partner can get one beer for free. The poplar restaurants usually get busy after 9pm, but here, Outback steakhouse, is packed before 8pm. I am talking about Outback steakhouse in Morumbi and I am not sure about other branches.

Caipiroska com maracuja
Ribs, Wings and Chips
Drink : Caipiroska com maracuja x 2 (I just paid for one! Happy hour rules!)

Food : Ribs, Wings and Chips


Outback steakhouse
Rua Mal. Hastimphilo de Moura, 641

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