Spicy tofu and onion

Ingredients : serves 2 - 3

1 pack tofu (firm one is preferred)
1 small onion
1 clove garlic
1 slice ginger
1 tbs chopped green onion
1 hot chilli pepper
1/2 tsp torigara soup stock (chinese chicken soup stock)
2 tbs miso paste
1 tbs soy sauce
a little sesami oil
1 cup(8 oz) water

Preparetion :

1. Cut into large bite-sized tofu and Grate onion
2. Chop garlic, ginger and hot chilli pepper
3. Mix onion, torigara soup stock, miso paste, soy sauce and water
4. Put sesami oil, green onion and #2 in the pan and cook until it comes good smell
5. Add #3 and tofu and cooked for 10 min.

Note :
It is sometimes difficult to grate the last piece of onion. You can chop the rest of the onion and cook with other ingredients at #4.

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