Jan. 25

Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a piece of pear cake, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : Chirashizushi(leftovers of yesterday), Spicy beans soup, a glass of water

Dinner : Dashimaki(Japanese omlet), Kabocha no Nimono(cooked Pumpkin), Okura no goma-ae(boiled okura), Kimuchi(Korean pickles), Onigiri(rice ball), a glass of water

Alcohol : 2 glasses of white wine, a glass of red wine

Other : a glass of smootie(orange, banana, nectarine, wheat germ, yogurt), some pieces of pear cake,

Pear cake


I was hungry for something sweet this morning, but I don't feel like eating regular pan cakes with syrup. Then I decided to bake a cake. I almost never bake cakes, because I can't add ingredients during cooking and I don't know if it is going to be good until it's done. The cake I baked is the only cake I can make. It is very easy and I haven't messed up yet. I had pear in the cake this time, but it is also good with banana or apple.
Dinner was very simple. It might seem too simple, but it's ok. We had a juicy beef hamburger last night.

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  1. Now I know what you are talking about. I do remember eating that in Japan :-) Everything you ate looks so good! I think I'm hungry.
    The cake you make sounds good too. Is it a chocolate cake- and you put fruit in it? That's a good idea. Maybe I will make one for Mikc.