Fried carrots

Hungry for french fries? Me, too. But I am trying to have less carbs. Then, here it is. I like it! I might prefer Fried carrot to french fries. Even if you are not a big fan of carrots, you might enojoy it!

Ingredients : serves 1 - 2

1 carrot

1 tbs flour

a little salt


Preparetion :

1. Cut carrot into sticks

2. Sprinkle flour lightly on carrot sticks

3. Pour oil in the pan a little more than oil for stir fry

4. Fry carrot sticks

5. Put fried carrots on the paper to drain oil

6. Sprinkle salt on the fried carrots

Note : You can use more oil just like when you fry french fries. It might be better, but I am too lazy to clean the pot after that.

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